My online resume / portfolio. I'm glad you dropped in!


  • CMS Data Utility is an internal CSV reformatting tool I created to streamline the process of transforming large spreadsheets into simplified versions, with specific formatting, to be imported into PowerBI for report generation. Utilizes Java and B4X.
    Screenshot of CMS Data Utility

  • Smarter House is a project to document ever-growing web of technology which powers my home network and its connected devices.

  • Pure Note is an open-source notepad application for Windows, Mac, or Linux. I created this to get a grasp on coding GUI programs in PureBasic, and I liked the idea of being able to use the same basic text editor across any device.
    Pure Note screenshot on Ubuntu Linux

  • Coursematic is an Android mobile application designed for college students to track their terms, courses, and dates for exams. It makes use of SQLite for storing the student's information and allows for push notifications if desired.

  • Global Schedule Tracker is a timezone-independent appointment scheduling application that integrates a MySQL database using the JDBC API. Appointments and customer records can be added through the program, all while showing the user a local time yet maintaining the proper UTC timestamps in the database. gst-main-screen

  • TSC Notetaker (live demo) was a simple HTML, CSS, and JavaScript creation from the early days of working at Comcast in the Technician Support Center. In this new department, most of us had resorted to using Notepad to fill in our own templates for call documentation, so this unofficial utility enabled us to be more consistent and efficient. It was a fun mini-project utilized by multiple peers until a more official solution was offered.

  • Super Inventory Manager allowed me to dive into graphical user interfaces and involved creating an inventory system to keep track of products and the parts that make up each product. This was good practice for many skills at once: object-oriented programming, implementing UML diagrams, and designing GUIs with JavaFX.